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Trigger Effect

Punk band Trigger Effect recently released their 3rd full length album titled "What's Left to Eliminate?". The new release is the band's first concept record.  The lyrics of all the songs form a narrative about one man's metaphysical search for truth, meaning and himself in all the wrong places, culminating in a tragic act of desperation which produces a seemingly contradictory result.

“Trigger Effect are ten years old. Like most ten year olds, we want to explore and be loud and break our things.” – Trigger Effect

How did Trigger Effect come together as a band?

We were friends who wanted to gig. So here we are.

When did you realize you wanted to be musicians and decide to go for it?

There was never a moment where we stopped and said "I want to be a musician". We gig because gigging is what we do.

What does the band name mean?

The band name means nothing. I can't even remember who picked it. It's kind of dumb name to be honest.

This summer 2013 you’ll be touring all across Canada. Is there something that helps keep you balanced while touring?

Actually being friends.

2013 also brings the release of your 3rd full length album titled "What's Left to Eliminate?". How would you describe this new album? Were there any challenges that you had to overcome while creating it?

It's a record about a man looking for answers in all the wrong places. He eventually discovers what he's looking for was inside him the entire time. We're all really happy about how the album turned out.

Is there a song on the new album that is most near and dear to your heart?

Not really. The record is one whole story and all the songs are just different parts. The piece as a whole is something we're all really proud of.

Fav punk song of all time?

Punk song? Anything off Cursed two or Bronx one. Those two records are perfect as far as I'm concerned.