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From San Diego, California, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley of Switchfoot, met with mindyourmind before a recent show in London, Ontario for an in-depth interview. Around since 1996, with 8 albums out to date, they were the 2011 Grammy Winners for Best Rock Gospel Album of the year. Jerome and Drew share their worldviews with mindyourmind interviewer, Max, and talk about what’s important to the band. While Christianity is a huge part of their faith, they clarify that it is “not a genre of music”. Their music and songs are based on what’s meaningful and honest to the band and they hope it will impact others and raise questions about living life and what it means to be alive. They want people to know that when hard times hit, “suffering is not the end of the story, it isn’t always gonna be this way”.

Photos by mindyourmind