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The Spill Canvas

The Spill Canvas is an incredibly talented and soul-baring band all the way from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Luckily for MYM, we were able to snatch an interview with front man and vocalist Nick Thomas just hours before their London show.

With their hot newly released album “No really I’m fine”, excitement and satisfaction was in the air. Nick explained to MYM how TSP has grown and matured as musicians over the years as well and stresses the importance of keeping in touch with their listeners – a quality most fans are definitely grateful for! The band’s ability to compile emotionally raw and supercharged lyrics will leave any listener begging for more and is probably one of the band’s greatest appeals to its fan, besides their instrumental brilliance.

Nick gives his views on the challenges adolescents face growing up and recognizes that it’s a difficult period in life for most people. He finishes off by explaining to us life on the road as a band and ironically, the loneliness one encounters when “living the dream”. Needless to say, this front man was definitely one charming and talented character, with total “rockability” written all over him! Check it out.



Photos by mindyourmind