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Let Nothing In Life Stop You

Hello guys. My name is Jack and I am here to tell you my story. I will start this off by letting you know a bit about me. I have two older brothers and a younger sister and my supportive grandmother. Most of the time my brothers just mess around with me, but that’s a story for later.  But my grandmother she is amazing. She would do anything for me. With that being said, she even made sure that I was able to receive a “proper education”. She is now willing to pay my way through any college of my choice. Both of my older brothers have their “life in order” so to say. But me, I have chosen to take a different path than them in life. 

It all started when I went to a different high school than most of my other peers. I chose to go to a “trade school” instead of choosing the academic route. Because if I went to the same school as my other peers, the bullies would just continue to pick on me for the next four years. So I decided that not going to that school would be best for me. 

Everything was going good, but shortly after grade ten I and my lovely grandmother had a huge fight. I would not listen to her. I was just a “trouble child”. I came home one day and she gave me the ultimatum. “Listen, Jack, if you don’t want to be here, then don’t be here…” To which I smartly replied, “Fine then, I will go live on the street. It’s a lot better than here anyways”.  

So from the age of 15 to 21 I was not allowed at home and was forced to raise myself on the street.  I always got caught up in smoking and drinking with my friends, but at the end of the day I always made sure I had some food and a place to stay either with a girlfriend at the time or one of my good buddies. Some nights I had to sleep in stairwells. Stairwells were my savior. Being homeless is not that hard if you’re smart. 

Although I struggled through all of those years, I am a bit older now reflecting on how I was able to get through such a rough time, and still have the motivation to keep going.  Because I was homeless and more focused on finding somewhere to sleep and eat, I was forced to stop going to school. Now I only have one credit left to go to get my high-school diploma. With that being said, no matter what you are going through you can still chip away at the things you need to get done.  If I was able to still get my high school done while being homeless, there is nothing that you cannot do. I think that is where I learned that perseverance and persistence are key traits to have when it comes to overcoming any hard life situation. To this day, my grandma is now proud of me because I was able to push through everything and anything that life threw at me. I am very happy that I chose that route because I have learned life lessons that can only be taught through the experiences that I have been through.  I would love to tell you more about my experience as a “homeless teenager”, but today I just wrote you a piece of my life. I could go on for days about how my whole life has been overcoming adversity and overcoming any challenge that has been thrown my way.