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Are you being 'perfect' instead of being real?

Mirror on a wall.
What if it was your vulnerability rather than your “faux perfection” that inspired others? One of the trends I see, first in myself and now in others – especially those of us who want to do the kind of work that I do – is that we are trying to b

Captain Illness terrors while watching movies and television

Having a mental illness generally means there is some part of your life that you have less control over than you would like. That portion is run by Captain Illness. Either C.I.

How to talk with your friends about your ADHD.

Two teen boys walking and talking.
When you’ve been diagnosed with a condition like ADHD, it can be tough to know how to explain it to your friends.

We should be doing good things in the world if we can...

Two friends playing video games.
Mental health is an incredibly important topic for myself. As a person who fights with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, finding the tools and outlets needed is invaluable. For me, this is why mindyourmind is so important.

Check out the anti-stigma #Selfree campaign!

Last week, during Mental Illness Awareness Week, the National Youth Advisory Committee of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, of which I am a part of, launched our awareness camp

If you aren't fearful, you aren't growing!

Have you considered that expansion and growth feel scary? So many times I get asked how to "get rid" of fear or how to not feel a negative feeling. And I give the same old answer. If we aren't afraid most of the time, we aren't growing.

A lesson in humanity

The Prince Edward Viaduct bridge in Toronto, Ontario.
This isn’t a story about a bridge.This story isn’t about the fact that the bridge was once notorious for having the second-highest suicide rate in North America. Or even that the bridge once averaged one death every 22 days.

The gift of listening

Two young girls talking and listening to each other.
I am a nurse who has worked in mental health and addictions for 27 years. During that time I have heard hundreds of stories and each of them have left me with some appreciation of the gift of being able to listen and hear about the lives of so many truly inspirational people.

Lifetraps: Unrelenting standards & failure

The list of therapists I’ve seen since realizing I may have a mental illness is lengthy.  The positive experiences I’ve had from seeing those therapists are exceptionally limited, along with the various techniques utilized in those sessions.  This is why I’ve always

WES For Youth Online

Typing on a screen: "www".
On September 26, 2011, Jamie and Yolanda Cameron of Walkerton lost their youngest son, Wes, to suicide. Devastated and desperate for answers, the Cameron family discovered that 16 year-old Wes was one of many teenagers in the area who were suffering alone and in silence.

Forest City Comicon selects mindyourmind as charity of choice

Forest City Comicon team
I remember waking up on the couch one Christmas Eve, more than 10 years ago now. My mom was silently weeping while my sister comforted her. They thought I was asleep and all I heard was “I didn’t think she would make it”.

The guts to stay sober...

When I was 60 days sober I moved to San Francisco.  As destiny would have it the International Convention of Young People in AA was having its annual conference in my new hometown.

Can we have an internet without bullying and "trolls"?

Girl upset while looking at her laptop.
As someone who was gifted as being awesomely different and quirky, I spent most of my childhood feeling like an outcast. I tried so hard to understand Barbies, to care about pop music and to have crushes on TV actors and movie stars, just so I could fit in with others.

How can I help?

A hand playing the piano.
As a kid with a big sister, the notion of helping wasn’t necessarily instinctive for me. My big sister (who’s a whopping two years older than myself), had done it all first. She was there to ask for help if I needed it.

Have the courage to accept your worth!

There is this notion that we feel we have to prove our love to other people.  One of the themes of my life right now is, "Love is not asking us to prove our worth, but to accept it."

Fighting to survive the gaps in mental health services

Many clocks displayed to show a lot of time being passed.
As a university student, I was aware I had easy access to mental health therapists on campus.  But, I never wanted to, or felt that I needed to take advantage of that opportunity.  I remembered how much I hated it as a kid, and I didn’t want any fellow students, or i

7 Strategies for facing your internet/TV addiction

Keyboard with the word "help" highlighted.
How do you beat something so addictive as the Internet, or TV — things most of us find ourselves increasingly immersed in, all day long?I won’t get into the whys of curbing an addiction like this — I’m going to assume you already want to make a change.

Fight anxiety by finding your groove!

Water droplet in a calm green pond.
If there was no future there would be no anxiety.That sounds pretty radical but it makes sense the more you think about it. Where is your mind when you start to feel anxious or panicky? Chances are the answer is… the future. How am I going to pay for my kid’s education?

A discussion about 12 Step and Anonymous recovery programs

Road sign that says, "Road to Recovery".
September is National Recovery Month here in the United States. In its 25th year, Recovery Month promotes the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental and substance use disorders.


Skiing down a snow hill.
Sorry to disappoint all the Game of Thrones fans out there, but this story is NOT about the beloved novel or TV series. It is about the winter season - the ACTUAL winter season.

Road rage

Young man screaming with road rage in his car.
Road Rage is a catchy phrase, one that attracts media interest and fuels conversation. The term is used to describe any act of driver aggression including actual or attempted assault on other drivers.

Support mindyourmind community outreach presentations on globalgiving

mindyourmind community outreach presentations use Reach Out, an interactive Jeopardy-style game, which gets students into teams and challenges them to think about what they know and don't know about mental health issues and illnesses.

Let’s talk addictions and treatment options

Counselor meeting with young man.
Substance use does not necessarily constitute abuse. However, understanding where the line is drawn between use and abuse does inform what treatment is recommended, availability of needed resources and ensuring ongoing support whether individual, residential or group.

Beauty standards beware

Close up of lips with red lipstick on and make up brushes.
Every day we are bombarded with pictures of celebrities and models airbrushed with Photoshop. It’s no secret that the media has been notorious for supporting unrealistic beauty ideals.

Bluenotes takes offensive t-shirt seriously and takes a stance against bullying

Bluenotes store
Guelph Anti-Bullying Coalition headed up by Lynne MacIntyre was out doing some Back to School shopping with her 14 year old daughter a couple of weeks ago.  They stopped into the very popular Bluenotes store looking for clothing when Lynne noticed a t-shirt on the wa

Happy National Suicide Prevention Week!

An elephant sitting on a bench with a friend, holding a heart balloon.
Granted, it’s not a cheerful subject, but what we should be upbeat about is that suicide is slowly emerging into the light to be discussed, and understood and diminished.

Complete this survey to help shape youth advocacy work

Survey options checklist.
The Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing believes that youth have a voice and can make meaningful contributions to health policies and programs, both locally and globally.

Feeling like a fraud

Gaining self-esteem and confidence in your abilities.
To be honest, high school wasn’t really “my thing”.  I was never consider studious or nerdy (boy, has that ever changed) and to be quite honest I didn’t enjoy school.