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Will you #CallBS on how mental health is treated?

'What is #CallBS'? Well, it's an exciting new campaign undertaken by Partner's for Mental Health, which launched last Monday in Toronto, Ontario. I had the pleasure of attending the event (which boasted a fantastic panel and delicious snacks).What's the big deal?This is the largest youth directed mental health campaign in Canadian history! That alone is something to get excited for!Moreover, mindyourmind was able the lend a hand, specifically with our youth engagement model. Basically, they wanted help ensuring that the project would successfully engage youth.We pulled together several youth who were eager to give their feedback and share their criticisms, concerns and praise. It was a lot of hard work, but we're proud of what's come out of it.How do you get involved? There's only four steps, so nice and simple:1. Check out the campaign on , on their facebook page, or on twitter #CallBS 2. Sign the online declaration stating your support for mental health 3. Share your own BS story (either on twitter or the website) 4. Plan or participate in a local day of action supporting mental health education and fundingYou can watch the video of the BS Summit here.  Our volunteer, Inali did a great job as a panelist!Also watch the public service announcement video created here and make sure you share your thoughts about the campaign in the comments below and on Twitter and Facebook as well. As proud as we are of the project, we are always learning and endless praise helps no one! So be honest and share your feedback with the #CallBS community!