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Where the fence is low

I’ve hesitated to write this blog for quite sometime. I LOVE lights and tons of people know that. I listen to her music a lot and can relate to her. In fact, we share the same birthday, except she’s older. She came to my university orientation week when I was in my first year. It was awesome! My twin sister and I made a sign. We were lucky to get to the front of the barrier by the stage. She saw our sign! She mentioned it from onstage and gave us a birthday wish- it was special. Friends from our residence hall said they saw my sister and I on the big screens with our sign!Where The Fence Is Low by lights to me really hits home. I don’t know what lights intended the song to mean but this is what it means to me.At the beginning she speaks of water rising, darkness in the skies, having one foot on a ledge and she’s feeling for safety. She’s not really sure what’s going on within herself. She’s realizing she’s not herself and is on her own trying to figure it all out. Throughout the song she wavers between feeling better and not doing so well again.She says that fear is a blessing and pushes us to try new things. She speaks about being on the edge again, not really sure what’s going on.To me in the song perhaps she’s speaking about mental health and ending her life. This is very relatable as humans we’ve got good days and bad days. The good times in her life outshine the bad ones. She finds hope around her to keep going and do what she wants to do. I lean a lot from lights. I’m not sure what she meant the song to mean, but that’s my thoughts.