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What happened to Amanda Todd?

We’ve been trying to write a blog in response to the news that has captured the attention of many this weekend; a response that helps to shed some clarity around what happened to Amanda Todd.  What caused this young woman to take her own life? Who or what is to blame?  Why were no other options available to her? Why did she perceive suicide as her only choice up against intolerable circumstances?

Two hours later we have not really arrived to any consensus on a response.  We’re stuck as we try to unpack the details.  Sexual exploitation, failed systems, cyber bullying, violence, stigma…a complex interplay that requires more than any analysis that we could provide at this time.

We don’t have all the details but know that many child protection laws have been violated in this case and there is a role for all of us to ensure this doesn’t happen again. 

Here’s what we also know. And here’s the message that we want you, as a young person reading this blog, to hear:

Most people who have suicidal thoughts don’t necessarily want to die. They just want the emotional and mental pain to end.  And for those who complete suicide, perhaps they felt it was the only way to make the pain go away.  And although it doesn’t feel this way, there are options out there and there are ways to get help.

In our Help section, you will find information on how to get help for yourself, how you can help a friend, and how to get started in counselling. There’s information about how to talk to your doctor and what you can expect from counselling and therapy.  At the bottom of every help page, you will also find resources that can help you find someone to talk to locally, on our Where To Call page, or someone to chat with on Find Help Chat. There are options available to you to get help. So please reach out and get help for yourself or a friend if you're going through a hard time. Start now by going to our Help section and getting informed about your options.

Reach out, get help, give help.