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Usability continues - Facts and Symptoms on mindyourmind!

Our last mindyourmind session was great. We focused on what is currently labelled Facts and Symptoms, under the Help tab. The section mostly includes information about Mental Health Disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis. We went through the many different disorders listed and discussed any concerns or suggestions that we might have. A major topic was the Anxiety section and how it should be divided and labelled, as well as the name and organization for the Facts and Symptoms section as a whole. A major consideration was if the name of the section should have the word disorder or illness in it because of negative connotations surrounding them. As well, we talked about what kind of content should be provided and additional things that could be included, such as links to games and support already on the website. We also talked about ways in which the information should be provided, casual versus formal, what information is of interest to people, references to other sources for additional information, and general layout and design. Overall we really got down to business and the website is really coming along!

Written by Rush, age 22