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System Transformation Is Not Possible

Listen carefully. System transformation is not possible. Cross sectoral collaboration is a nice idea. There is no money or desire to support REAL change.

These are the whisperings that you'll hear as they gather quietly after meetings. As they set out to plan to plan. These are the musings of those who are working the system from the neck up.  

Now stop listening because It's not true. System change is happening everywhere. Right Now. And youth are saying change is indeed possible. And it looks like this and it feels like this and it sounds like this. It engages you wholly, with all your senses.  

So for those who have given up on the very ideals that compelled you to do this work in the first place, the choice is clear.

Step forward and participate or get out of the fucking way. System change is here. Young people are watching. They see and hear us and they are saying "I can help. I want to create this change with you".

And we need them.

And we need you.

Take a moment and get your head out of the numbers that 'just don't add up', seek out a young person and ask her why systems change is important and then participate like her life depends on it.

Because it does.