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The Street Team takes on marketing

We started looking at the website a few weeks ago. Now it’s our turn to make something and design a way to advertise mytoolkit.

Last Wednesday we all brought in examples of “good” mental health advertising (things we felt got the message across in a meaningful way) and “bad” mental health advertising (ones that were stigmatizing or just ineffective). I was shocked by how bad some of them were and also pleasantly surprised by the quality of a few. Afterwards we used it as jumping off points for brainstorming some ideas of our own.

On Friday we had a special Street Team meeting to turn our ideas into full-fledged concepts. After the first round of idea generation/refinement we had quite a list. We narrowed down our list to just the ones we liked. Some of the ideas people liked were even mine, guess I’m more creative than I give myself credit for. Then we handed our ideas over to the rest of the group to add more input and round out the idea. Through some more discussion, and a little voting, at the end of the night we were down to three ideas. Keep posted for which one you’ll see.

- by Melissa