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New Usability and Marketing Street Team at mindyourmind begins NOW!

The mindyourmind Usability and Marketing street team consists of a group of local youth who are glowing with their talent and imagination. Among all those brilliant youth, there is one guy who is writing these words presenting in front of you. The ultimate goal of our street team is to test the mindyourmind website usability and make changes to the website in order to make a a more efficient and convenient tool.

The first two meetings of the street team have been really productive. Everyone in the street team started off as complete strangers .But after these two weeks, it seems that a special bonds appear in our team. At first we did a collage showcasing our own personalities. Just like every great friendship starts, we started to get to know everyone else. And the bonding between us grows stronger last wednesday, and this feeling became much more obvious. We formed three teams to compete with each other in the classic Reach-Out game. Gryffindor, Pizza slices and the most awesome of all, Black And Yellow. After a nail-biting game, we learned a lot of information on mental health. For sure, the satisfaction of winning the game must be great, but its the experience that matters and its the bonding of the team the which is the most influential. I have full confidence in becoming best friends with everyone. And I believe by our effort, the best website of all time is coming on its way.

-Written by Davis, 18