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New book reveals our most shocking secret regrets

An uncensored collection of our deepest, darkest secret regrets – and insight on how we can get past them.

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA (September 2012) – Is it really possible to move past the biggest regrets of our lives? Kevin Hansen’s new book, “Secret Regrets Volume 2: Moving Past Your Past,” shows us it is. This addictive collection of stories dives deep into the secret regrets many of us have and sheds more light on how real people have learned to move past their past.

As a follow up to Hansen’s bestselling book “Secret Regrets Volume 1: What if you had a Second Chance?” this latest volume shows the true healing that can come from revealing. It features hundreds of the most shocking, heartfelt and inspiring regrets – real stories from real people – as originally confessed on the popular website. It also includes the outpouring of support in the form of fan feedback from the Secret Regrets online community – feedback that shows how this project evolved into an online global support community of strangers helping strangers get through the roughest and toughest times of their lives.

The regrets featured in the book include everything from the expected to the unimaginable: The daughter who regrets becoming the person she never wanted to be – her mother. The father who regrets letting his meth addiction steal everything from him, including his daughter. The ex-girlfriend who regrets not coming forward with information about a murder she suspects her ex of committing.

Hansen has observed how the Secret Regrets project was not only changing people’s lives – it actually began saving lives.

“One woman who was literally on the verge of ending her life bravely confessed her regret about not being able to beat her drug addiction. The simple act of writing down her regret was the life-saving wake-up call that she needed. The next day, she checked herself into an outpatient treatment program, and eventually returned to update the Secret Regrets community with the news that she is now living clean and sober.”

Hansen says the book helps people finally put guilt, regret and pain behind them – which allows them to move past their past and live life with a new perspective. It gives people permission to reconsider decisions made or actions taken – and permission to do something now that corrects or addresses these mistakes from their past. Hansen’s hope for those who read “Secret Regrets Volume 2: Moving Past Your Past” is that they realize the incredible power that revealing regrets can have on their lives.

“We can’t ignore the pain our regrets have caused us or others, but we can acknowledge it and learn to put it behind us. We all deserve the opportunity to let go of what’s holding us back, and start living the amazing future that awaits us.”