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MTV and Living With It

MTV Impact reached out to mindyourmind recently to help them pull together a special on mental health. MTV Impact is a show that tackles the most urgent issues facing young audiences in a powerful, honest and direct style.  In this episode, MTV Impact takes a closer look at living with mental illness through testimonials from their viewers including mindyourmind’s volunteers and co-contributors Alicia and Amanda. 

The show aired this Tuesday at 8e/5p.  If you missed the program, you can still view part of it now on MTV News Impact: Living With It. Come back here after you view it and let us know what you think!

Alicia is also working closely on another mindyourmind project, The Young Health Program (YHP).    YHP is AstraZeneca’s global community investment initiative that is about helping young people in need around the world to deal with the health problems they face and improve their chances for a better life in the future. The Young Health Program in Canada is focused on fostering the emotional and mental well-being of disconnected and vulnerable adolescents aged 10-19. The Program is a partnership between AstraZeneca, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, mindyourmind and Physical and Health Education Canada.  Global partners include Johns Hopkins University and Plan International.