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mindyourmind volunteer helps advance the Bell Let's Talk Campaign

Alicia has been really busy over the last several months talking about mental health, the importance of getting help and systems change.  She was chosen to be one of the Faces of Mental Illness in the Fall and since then has told her story over 100 times.  From TEDx to Parliament Hill, audiences have heard her story of struggle and resilience.   And now she’s doing her part to get people talking as part of the Bell Let’s Talk Campaign.

I had the pleasure of watching her in action a couple of weeks ago at MTV studios, sharing her story of struggle and resilience.  Listening to Alicia is not hard to do.  She speaks from the heart of her experience while not sugar coating the deep dark moments.   But her message is always clear…get help.  Its not easy and sometimes the system will fail you.  But its in all of us to Be Well and become a Mental Health Superhero.

Reach out. Get Help. Give Help.