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In memory of Colin

So ever since I got home from the Celebration of Life today, I’ve had one of Colin’s favourite songs on repeat. Seabird by Alessi Brothers. Colin died by suicide on June 8, 2014. He suffered from mental health issues, namely depression just like me. In fact he’s just a year younger than I. I really wish I knew him. His Mother is a school mate of mine, so I know her.

Over the past week, this family has not stayed silent. They have spoken up, with the intention of breaking the silence. Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of. Depression- it effects everyone. Today and likely at the visitations too- they had resources from CMHA Middlesex for anyone needing support. I am amazed and thankful for their determination to make a difference in their son’s memory. Colin fought, depression won. His family knew along the way he was having trouble.

I confided in Rick, Colin’s Dad on my way out today that I have mental health issues. I showed him my tattoos too. They symbolize my fight with both depression and anxiety. He looked me in the eye and said, “If you ever, ever need help we are ALWAYS here for you. You know where to find us.” Honestly, I left tearing up- in a good way. I know this family has a long journey ahead- with Colin always in their hearts and on their minds they’re going to make a huge difference in the awareness of mental health issues. Colin, taught me to be myself, do what I enjoy and not be afraid to share my opinion. He will be greatly missed. His parents know there are many more youth and young adults like Colin out there. They want people to know they don’t have to go through this alone. Mental illness hurts and effects everyone. Talk to everyone you know- let’s start a conversation.