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It was a productive kinda night!

This week’s street team meeting was no doubt a success.

With our splendid new member, Farrell, we started off the meeting by the icebreaker that reminds everyone of Thrift Shop. The icebreaker smoothly worked our way into the main tasks.

Then we spent a decent amount of time testing out the usability of the new mindyourmood app which was composed of 28 moods while easy to get on with. There are pros and cons of this app being discussed at the table and after giving it a detailed and comprehensive evaluation we went on to examine the website.

From which, we made comments on the layout of it and had a look at the ‘mental health A-Z’ video that’s associated with the site. One must say that the people who produced the video did a divine job.

And for the last task, we once again had a discussion on the ‘submit feature’ on We strongly felt that the wording should be more euphemistical instead of being too straight forward. If we can do some more arrangement to how it was presented, everything is on the right track and good to go!

Last but not least, we reached certain agreement upon next week’s event and we are already so prepared for that. If you are willing to know what’s coming next week, you better wait and find out. : )

By Davis, 18