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Crazy Talk: An Exercise in Vulnerability, Risk & Emotional Exposure

Crazy Talk: an exercise in vulnerability, risk and emotional exposure

Hey London! Have you heard of CrazyTalk before? 

CrazyTalk is an exercise in vulnerability, risk and emotional exposure; a variety show encouraging those with mental health struggles to dare greatly and talk about their discomfort so that we can come together and lean into important experiences that come with uncertainty: love, belonging, trust, joy, creativity, and entrepreneurship to name a few.

These events are incredibly inspiring and empowering! To get a sense of what the events are like, check out videos of previous presenters (some of the material might be triggering as they talk about suicide, addiction and sexual assault).

If you want more, there is a CrazyTalk event coming up on February 13th from 7-9 pm at Innovation Works! If you want to put yourself out there, they are looking for speakers.

They are  looking for volunteers and board members too! It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.