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Bullying from the eyes of an X Factor contestant

Jillian Jensen, a contestant on the current season on the X Factor, was bullied when she was younger. She was bullied in middle school, and high school. Throughout her audition in Providence, Rhode Island for season two of the X Factor she told the judges about her experiences as a teenager. She had an instant connection to judge, Demi Lovato. To see more of her performance check out this video:

Demi and Jillian had similar experiences growing up, as they find out during her audition. They both have the same tattoo, “Stay Strong”, as well as growing up being the victim of severe bullying. 

The song she sang for her audition was Jessie J’s “Who You Are.” It truly showcased her true emotions regarding the bullying she has gone through. Jillian, as well as the rest of the X Factor judges commended Demi for her activism and action towards anti- bullying. 

Everyone is unique and has something to offer. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. BE YOU! If you are being bullied or see bullying happen, tell someone like a family member, teacher, or someone else you trust. 

-by Deana R.